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About Us

Learn ‘n’ implement under one roof

iMesh Lab is a venture of Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd, established in 2012 and headquartered at Chandigarh.As our motto suggests, we believe in practical and industrial training in chandigarh. The training provided at iMesh Lab is always at par with industry standards.

iMesh Lab is a leading training institute providing high quality IT training and services. Our aim is to make our students technically as well as professionally stronger. We provide training in all IT and web technology platforms and numerous cutting edge technologies. The courses are customized catering to each individual’s unique requirements. Everyone at iMesh Lab is passionate about what they do.

Since inception, iMesh Lab has been a frontrunner in providing IT training and services. We are committed to give you most out of our training programs. Our faculty is approachable and professional experts in their respective fields with good experience in wide range of real time environment. We have well equipped labs with state of the art training equipments. We strive to deliver maximum with our expertise, high quality, and efficiency. Our training and services are designed in a way that will fit your unique set of requirements. We also provide placement services at iMesh Lab.

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