Build Skills with E Learning Modules and explore career opportunities
E-Learning program where students can enroll for the courses of their choices and Tutors or mentors can register them too. They can guide students with their knowledge through online sessions, courses and training programs.

Introduction to the E-Learning process of Imeshlab Training Program

Imeshlab Online learning program is a knowledge network where students can connect with Tutors/mentors directly and initiate the learning process for the courses or sessions to get the doubts cleared anytime. Imeshlab online training program enables to master of skills with improvised learning experience with online courses, sessions from qualified Tutors. Choose the session as per your comfort. Our Vision at Imeshlab is to evolve the professional and E-learning experience to upgrade the knowledge & enhance your skills. By combining informative courses or sessions from qualified Tutors & mentors, building a better e-learning experience, and with the help of superior technology. Teaching & learning are the two sets that can transform the faster pace and our mission at the Imeshlab online training program is to accelerate the transformation and ensure a better flow of knowledge.

Imeshlab online learning Program

Imeshlab online training program enables students to learn, clear their doubts by booking their sessions as per your subject requirement and time &get Tutors' assistance right away. Online learning Portal where you can find qualified Tutors / skilled mentors / there to assist you and guide you through the learning process. Get simplified and practical learning experiences through online sessions, videos, and get a better clarity for the concepts right at your place. Prepare for your exams courses and get all the educations assistance all at one platform.

For Student

For Tutors or Mentors

  • Book your course online, schedule your classes anytime anywhere
  • Tutors / mentors can register themselves on Imeshlab online training program
  • Upgrade your knowledge with relevant skills
  • Tutors can showcase their knowledge and interact with students to clear their doubts
  • Interactive Learning experience
  • Tutors can create the sessions for students as their requirement
  • Imeshlab online training program offers you a platform for Online training programs to make learning real-time
  • Online teaching has become time and location flexible
  • Find flexible easy learning options E-learning choose the courses or sessions at a breakthrough price
  • Can create the sessions, presentations for the courses easily sitting at one place
  • Students can book their classes any time and get access to the study materials
  • Easy access and sharing information

Take the next step to upgrade your skills and build your professional goals with Imeshlab Learning Program

Enroll and Register to get the better learning experience

Imeshlab learning program offers structured online coaching classes for exam preparation, coaching, personalized sessions to clear doubts complete concepts.
Students can interact with the Tutors/Mentors via online videos, sessions, updated study material, info graphics, and more. Our mission is to simplify the learning process that allows students to focus on their studies and help them to achieve their career goals.

Imeshlab Online training program encourages online engagement with qualified & skilled Tutors. Revisions, notes, assignments, mock tests, subjective & objective test, regular sessions, and much The online Learning program is an integral part of the E-learning process. Get the online classes, study materials, concept clarifications, online sessions, focusing on which is important for your career and getting your class or session booked as per your time schedule.

How can an Online learning program help you?

  • Get access to the learning content and study material online sitting in one place and at any time
  • A cloud-based learning management system that allows you to opt for any course, sessions, and get the required guidance of skilled Tutors / Mentors of your choice.
  • E-learning Leads to better retention as the content is made more interactive, engaging content better for learners to remember the concepts and clear their doubts on time.
  • Mock test, sample session, and practical experience to get all.
  • Keep the track of your performances, learning progress, and ensures students reach their targeted milestones on time.
  • Reduce the learning and courses fee. Save your time and utilize your valuable time to learn and build your career
  • The consistent learning process, standardize training sessions, and personalized training.
  • “E-learning is helping students to find a path to purpose and help them to accomplish their career goals”

    Imeshlab Online Learning Highlights

    This combination of programmers will help the learners:

  • Enroll as a student and get access to the learning portal
  • Register as a Tutor/ Mentor and can showcase your knowledge with students for their guide them through the learning process.
  • Complete your course or topic to be covered within a few weeks
  • Interactive Learning Experience step by step and visual instructions
  • Master the skills in 4-5 months

    Accelerate your career goals, with experts teaching and the best learning experience

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