Learn, Explore & Evolve as an Entrepreneur

What Imesh Incubator does ?



  • Career Counselling
  • Session on Spirit of Entrepreneurship in youth
  • Helping them become jobs creators
  • Individual consultations with best business professionals
  • Mentorship


  • Space for their office
  • Meetings and events
  • Technology support
  • Legal & Financial Advice
  • Expert Mentorship
  • Individual consultations with best business professionals


  • Exclusive space for their meetings
  • Events and sessions
  • Assistance for Starting their new ventures
  • Technology and Business services assistance


  • Projects
  • Space for meeting their clients
  • Providing solutions
  • Individual consultations with best business professional
  • On-site business workshops, seminars and networking events

Event Organisers

  • Venue for corporate events
  • Meetings and sessions
  • Individual consultations with best business professionals

Women Entrepreneur

  • Comprehensive program of on-site business workshops
  • Seminars and networking events
  • Safe and innovative co - working space.


Comfortable Workstations
Comfortable Workstations

We comfy workstations to meet the need of the staff and allow them to work to the best of their ability.

High Speed Wifi
High Speed Wifi

We provide high speed wifi for your company to be able to be virtually active on the internet at all times.

Marketing & Brand Building
Marketing & Brand Building

One of the first steps in advertising or promoting your company name or product is to build Brand Awareness . We help you in Digital as well as Physical marketing to increase the awareness of your product .

Conference Rooms
Conference Rooms

We provide conference rooms for meeting with clients, giving a presentation or catching up with colleagues long-distance, we have flexible meeting spaces and conference facilities to suit.

Printing & Photocopying
Printing & Photocopying

When your company needs anything printed in colour from business cards to posters to 10,000 flyers you need to put your business foot forward and we provide all these services.

Coworking & Incubation
Coworking & Incubation

Most start-up, in reality most big ideas blossom from passionate conversations. The prospect of a next big venture on the back of collaboration could just be one revelatory conversation away.Plug n Play Office, Labs, Meeting, Conference rooms, High speed Wi-fi, Events & Workshops. We incubate freelancers, startups & small companies.


Our cafeteria include a huge variety of home-style food prepared and served

Legal & Financial
Legal & Financial

We have our Legal Panel of Seniormost Lawyers. Financial Services offer Chartered Accountants, Taxation, Audit, Consulting & Financing.


Lounge & Games, Gyming, Yoga and Dance. All this to help you stay fit & healthy for a better future - personal and professional as well.

Day-to-Day Services
Day-to-Day Services

Home Solutions, Power Backup, Healthy Tiffin Service, Laundry, Runner Boy and 24*7 Security.


You get served with our long list of Partners, offering services either for free or with heavy discounts!!!

  • Equipped with modern exercising equipments
  • First-aid facility available in case of any injury
  • Accessible 24x7
Day-to-Day Services
Reading Material
  • Free access
  • Books/encyclopedia/magazines/newspapers
Event Holding for Network
  • Conduct events serving specifically to your business
  • Workshops, exhibitions etc.
  • Network enhancement events
Loans and Funding Assistance
  • Loan assistance
  • Layout strategy for funding
  • Financial advice from experts
Games room for entertainment
  • Relaxation and recreation facilities
  • Indoor games
  • Open 24x7
Innovation Lab
  • Exploration and discussion of ideas
  • Creative opportunities
  • Free working environment

More than just an office space.


We run events that helps entrepreneurs acquire the skills they need. Everything from mentor sessions, cloud computing workshops, demo days to information sessions on term sheets.


Tap into the collective knowledge that emerges from a place that brings together the brightest entrepreneurial minds. Your coworkers today could end up being your friends, teammates or even clients tomorrow.








Events Per Month

Location Benefits

Central Location

Proximity to Delhi NCR - The IT hub of North India

Developing city - A number of budding entrepreneurs

Educational hub – The first choice of students from all over India

City Beautiful - A calm and clean city to work in

  • img01ddd

    Education Hub

    Youth Generation

    Youths are the lifeline which feeds the zeal and courage in Chandigarh . It is getting younger day by day because chandigarh has


    number of schools,


    colleges for various streams for example

  • img01e

    Education Hub

    Indian School of Business (ISB), Mohali

    Rich talent – A large number of skilled students passing out every year

    International boundaries- Link with foreign universities

  • img01ee

    Education Hub

    Pec University

    The BE admissions to PEC for the session 2016-17 will be conducted jointly with five ... PEC University of Technology (formerly Punjab Engineering College)

  • img01eee

    Education Hub

    Thapar University

    The Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology University is the epitome of a new thought taking shape in the parlance of Management that combines multiple economic and social models with technology as a back bone to create a strategy of success in the realm of uncertainties.

  • IT Hub

    Chandigarh IT Park

    Unstoppable growth - Fastest growing IT industry in the country

    Multiplying numbers – Nearly 100 IT companies set up

    Community environment - Established businesses as well as start ups

  • IT Hub

    Mohali IT Park

    Setting new milestones – Achieving new heights with years of IT experience

  • IT Hub

    Panchkula IT Park

    Stimulating growth – Setting a new phase of IT development

  • Shopping Hub

    Elante Mall

    This is a very big mall and you can find all branded stores spas cinema screen and lots of restaurants and sweet shops.

  • img0a

    Shopping Hub

    TDI Mall

    With ample of entertainment options, this mall is located in the most posh area of the city.

  • img01a

    Shopping Hub

    Shalimar Mall, Panchkula

    This mall has basic options for the shoppers.

  • img01aa

    Shopping Hub

    Piccadilly Square

    It is the most popular movie destination of youngsters in tricity.

  • img01b

    Shopping Hub

    Centra Mall

    This multiplex attracts a good number of crowd every day.

  • img01b

    Shopping Hub

    City Emporium Mall

    This mall has a multiplex and is in close vicinity of the Centra mall.

  • img01c

    Shopping Hub

    Paras Down Town, Zirakpur

    Located on the periphery of Chandigarh, this mall attracts mostly Punjabi crowd.

  • img01cc

    Shopping Hub

    North Country Mall, Mohali (Kharar)

    It is one of the largest malls of North India with a number of shopping stops.

  • img01ccc

    Shopping Hub

    DLF City Center

    It is a mini mall of Chandigarh with a multiplex.

  • img01d

    Shopping Hub

    Elante Mall

    It is the second largest mall in North India with almost all popular brands of the world.

  • img01g


    Chandigarh Proximity

    Tourism scope – All the major tourist destinations in close proximity

  • img01h


    Parwanoo , Himachal Pradesh

    It’s the most popular tourist spot near Chandigarh. Famous for its ropeway ‘Timer Trail,’ Parwanoo offers scenic beauty to the travellers.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01hh


    Morni Hills, Haryana

    Offering a beautiful view of a tranquil lake, Morni hills are also famous for a fort and waterfall.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01i


    Nahan, Himachal Pradesh

    Located amidst the capturing Shivalik range, Nahan is a small hamlet offering a glimpse of history and heritage.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01ii


    Chail, Himachal Pradesh

    A picturesque town of Himachal Pradesh, boasting of the world’s highest cricket stadium is one of the most popular tourist destinations of North India.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01j


    kasauli, Himachal Pradesh

    A small hill station attracting a large number of tourists throughout the year, especially in summers.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01k


    Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

    Offering pleasant weather throughout the year, Shimla is the tourist hub of North India. It is the most favoured place for weekend getaway by Chadigarhians.


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

  • img01m


    Mandi, Himachal Pradesh

    Popular for its unique culture, Mandi town is also known for the beautiful Rewalsar lake.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01mm


    Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

    A leisure tourist spot with a number of sightseeing options available.

    Situated about


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01mn


    Manikaran, Himachal

    Pilgrimage destination for both Sikhs and Hindus offering an enchanting view of Parvati river.


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

  • img01nm


    Lansdowne, Uttarakhand

    The town offers a peek into British era with its heritage bungalows and Churches.


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

  • img01mmn


    Manali, Himachal

    Situated in the lap of Himalayas, it is defined as traveller’s paradise. The hill station is also famous for its beautiful temples.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01nnm


    Dalhousie, Himachal

    Named after Lord Dalhousie, the town has an unusual charm of British era. It is among the renowned tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01mnmn


    Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

    Established in 1936, it is the oldest national park in India with a range of animal and bird species. People from around the world come to visit it.

    Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand can be an ideal place for you. Situated at a distance of about


    km Distance from Chandigarh ,

  • img01nmnm


    Rajaji National Park, Uttarakhand

    Situated at foothills of the Himalayas, Rajaji National Park is a result of the merge of three wildlife sanctuaries.


    kmDistance from Chandigarh.

  • img01mnmm


    Amritsar, Punjab

    It is the holy destination of Sikhs with Golden Temple its main tourist attraction. Amritsar is also popular for its street food.


    kmDistance from Chandigarh.

  • img01nmnn


    Haridwar, Uttarakhand

    It is the pilgrimage spot of Hindus with beautifully built temples, each narrating the tales of Hindu mythology in its own style.


    km Distance from Chandigarh.

  • img01mmnnm


    Jageshwar, Uttarakhand

    It is a religious spot with a large number of temples displaying its rich heritage.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01nnmmnn


    Mathura & Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh

    These places are covered in the devotional colour of Lord Krishna. Tourists from all over the world come to see this unique amalgam of cultures.


    km Distance from Chandigarh

  • img01q


    Agra, Uttar Pradesh

    Famous for the seventh wonder of the world, Agra is a common name among tourists.


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

  • img01w



    It is the national capital of India, presenting a mix of varied sub-cultures of the country.

    Delhi is situated only at a distance of


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

  • img012


    Jaipur, Rajasthan

    Forts and palaces, standing gloriously and narrating their rich history. That’s what attracts the maximum number of tourists from all over the world.

    Jaipur is about


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

  • img013


    Mandawa, Rajasthan

    Famous for its unique architecture, Mandawa has beautiful havelis with a colourful history.


    km Distance from Chandigarh .

Our Mission

We aim at developing a Healthy Ecosystem with an Interactive and Collaborative Community where enthusiastic entrepreneurs intend to bring about positive constructive changes in their work environment.

Our Testimonials

Don`t just take our word for it - here are some testimonials from our coworkers. If you would like to become part of imesh community, or just find out more about what we can offer you, contact us today.

  • image_9

    Don Draper

    "imesh is unique amongst shared office environments in that there is a diverse mix of small businesses and the people working varies each day. This makes it a great place to work, as there is always interesting discussions and chance meetings to engage and network. The location in the heart of india is great."


    Walter White

    "imesh is a fantastic open plan and friendly space to run your business and get out of the house. imesh team are a pleasure to work with and are accommodating on all aspects of our requirements." The mix of companies is excellent and Highly recommended. "


    Rick Grimes

    It has a true sense of community and a diverse range of talented people to bounce ideas off. Being surrounded by self starters is far better than working solo from home (or café hopping). Serendipity happens here. Chandigarh has every shop, bank, gym and café I need."

  • img_4

    Patrick Ortman

    "I am recommending imesh to everyone with a small business who wants a great, social atmosphere with other like minded people to work with. I definitely can't emphasise enough the value of working amongst skilled people from a variety of industries for bouncing ideas off, working collaboratively and staying sane!


    Paul Shiffman

    "The open plan and light feel, the people and collaboration aspect to the place is what makes me feel at home.


    Eli Finkelman

    I have found true friends at work, for really the first time. We all help each other out through our own knowledge, experiences, differing opinions or perspectives. There is also a real social aspect...You need to have time out from work, a laugh to get your mind off that looming deadline, or a vent about the client that is just making you crazy.

  • img_1

    Gustin Prudner

    I love the flexibility that working from home gives me, but walking into an office each day helps to refresh my outlook and invigorates me! I love the atmosphere and the people at mesh. It’s a productive place where I connect with someone new every day.


    Allen Bloomberg

    I had a FANTASTIC day at mesh! The office is beautiful, the chairs comfortable, and the view is the best in the area. If you ever need an office away from the home office, this is the place to come!


    Susan Trudeux

    Thank you so much for being understanding and generous in an uncertain time for me. It’s really awesome what you’ve been able to accomplish with imesh having such a great sense of community, and I’m proud to have been a part of it.


Our Charges

Incubator Space

We understand that different ventures have different requirements, based on which we offer a range of service plans catering needs of each. Take a look at the five kinds of plans formulated as per the type and time of the availability.

Stark plan - Weekend Individuals and MAX 3 member team (Per Month)

  • Rs 2599 Individuals* Per Month*
  • Book

Dothraki Plan Par-time (Entrepreneurs with ideas/Students/ Interns)

  • Rs 3999 Individuals*
  • Book

Bolton Plan 12 hr day or Night (Entrepreneurs just starting off/ Freelancers )

  • Rs 5499 Per Person Per Month*
  • Book

Targaeryan plan FullTime 24 hours (Small companies/ KPO / Startups) MAX 4 members team (Per Member/ Month)

  • Rs 8999 Per Member*/ month*
  • Book

Bravos Plan Rates as Applicable Max 10 Member Per Member / Month

  • Rs 19999 Per Month*
  • Book

Incubator Services

iMesh Lab Incubator offers three kinds of services. From basic information to a higher level mentoring, we hold expertise in catering complete incubation support. Go through the line items mentioned to get a better understanding of what exactly you require.

I need Information Get a global competition report for your business:
  1. Your global competitors
  2. Key indicators
  3. Analysis of your idea
  4. Market research pointers
  5. Presentation links
  6. Video links
  7. SEO Keywords
  • Rs 999 Per month*
  • Book
I need Mentoring Excubator Support
  1. Professional Guidance
  2. Help from Senior Mentors and Entrepreneurs
  3. A chance to participate in, and promote your idea on Demo Days!
  • Rs 5000 3 months*
  • Book
I need Incubation Intensive support
  1. Dedicated milestone based mentorship,
  2. Investor Introductions
  3. Customer Connects
  4. And yes, a chance for incubation at Excubator!
  • Rs 10000 3 months*
  • Book

Co-working Space

Our co-working space offers more than the expected. Besides providing the primary services of desk and internet connectivity, we have special cabins and meeting rooms designed to lend you an unhindered workflow.

Executive Cabin

This classy furnished cabin is ideally suited for 1 to 3 Members to have separate space in a private office and work in an environment that gives a conducive and serene ambience to indulge and focus on core activity.
Capacity 5-15
Half day pass
(4-5 hours)
Rs. 800
Full day pass Rs. 1200
Night shift Rs. 900
24 hour access Rs. 1300
  • Hourly access Rs. 250 / hour
  • Book

Dedicated Workstations

The dedicated work stations has a desk with a bit more privacy and includes a lockable filing cabinet to store your personal belongings, with three different rooms for 10 members.
Half day pass (4-5 hours) Rs. 400
Full day pass Rs. 700
Night shift Rs. 800
24 hour access Rs. 950
  • Dedicated monthly access Rs. 5999 per workstation
  • Book

Meeting Room

Whether you want to conduct an interview, training session, client meeting or give a presentation to your team, We provide meeting room facilities to suit your requirements
Capacity 5-8
Half day pass (4-5 hours) Rs. 900
Full day pass Rs. 1400
  • Hourly access Rs. 500 / hour
  • Book

Training Room

Our training rooms can be configured to suit any kind of event. Deliver half-day or full-day training sessions with audio visual facilities for a maximum of 30 memebers.
Capacity 12-40
Min. booking 7 seats
Half day pass (4-5 hours) Rs. 149 per seat
  • Full day pass Rs. 199 per seat
  • Book

Conference Room

We provide conference rooms for meeting with clients, giving a presentation or catching up with colleagues long-distance, we have flexible space for a conference for more than 30 members at a time.
Capacity 12-15
Half day pass (4-5 hours) Rs. 2000
Full day pass Rs. 3500
  • Hourly access Rs. 800 / hour
  • Book
  • Common Facilities

  • Wi-Fi
  • Conference Room - 2 hrs per week
  • Storage
  • Scanning and Printing - 25 pages per week
  • Pantry Cafeteria (tea, coffee etc.) as per actuals
  • Power Backup
  • Cleaning Service
  • Front Office
  • Inbound Mail Service
  • Skype and Calling Room
  • Lounge Access and Games
  • Office Boy 24x7
  • 24 HR Security
  • White Boards
  • Discussion Rooms - 5 hrs per week
  • Projector
  • Terrace Lounge
  • img_a
  • Additional Benefit

  • Flexible Seating
  • Enhanced Storage
  • Scanning and Printing - Max. 100 per week
  • Recruitment Facility
  • Printing Material as per actuals + Fees
  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Virtual Office
  • Emails and SMS as per actuals + Fees
  • Server Space as per actuals
  • Inbound/Outbound Call Centre as per actuals
  • Outbound Mail Service as per actuals
  • Internet Dongles as per actuals
  • HR Facility
  • Marketing Facility
  • CA Services
  • Technical Team Help - Problem Solving
  • Events Facility
  • Stationery Device
  • Digital Marketing Facility as per actuals
  • Business Plan and Mentorship
  • Finance Services as per actuals
  • Legal Services (extra guidance as per actuals)
  • Loan Provisions
  • Managerial Services
  • Learning Academy
  • VC Connect

Keep it Our Partners

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Media Coverage

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Q What is the procedure to rent the office space?

Go on our site, view the (rent) packages, choose the one which suits you and click on the ?Book? option or send us an email at contact@imeshlab.com or call us at +91 9872655566.

Q What are the prices for these packages?

The prices are listed on our website under the packages on per month and individual basis.

Q If I am an individual (with no working team), can I also rent the office space?

Yes, we provide our office space not only to start ups, budding entrepreneurs but to individuals (freelancers) also.

Q For how many hours can I rent the office space?

You can choose from different packages and rent the office space for 12 hours per day, part time, full time or choose the monthly plan.

Q How do I ensure my security in the office?

We provide round the clock security to you.

Q Can I bring in my own furniture to the office?

No, you cannot move your own furniture to the office, as we provide you with every basic working requirement.

Q What if I use the office space for extra hours than the decided time?

In such a case, you will be charged extra on a per hour basis.

Q Will there be other companies also, working in my office hours?

This depends on the preferable work timings and the number of employees each company has.

Q Whom should I contact if I face any kind of issues while working?

You can send a mail mentioning your issue at contact@imeshlab.com or call us at +91 9872655566. We will look into the matter.

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