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Autodesk Autocad

AutoCAD is a computer-aided drafting software program used for creating blueprints for buildings, bridges and computer chips. AutoCAD is used mainly by drafters, although engineers, surveyors and architects may need to use the software from time to time.

Course Objectives

  • AutoCAD enables students to create a 2D drawing and 3D modeling of the same in AutoCAD., students learn the most essential tools and concepts, such as:

  • Understanding the AutoCAD workspace and user interface

  • Using basic drawing, editing, and viewing tool

  • Organizing drawing objects on layers

  • Inserting reusable symbols (blocks)

  • Preparing a layout to be plotted

  • Adding text, hatching, and dimensions

  • Using more advanced editing and construction techniques

  • Setting up layers, styles, and templates

  • Using advanced plotting and publishing options

  • Extrusion of surfaces in 3D

  • Blocking and modeling

  • Material editing


Course Outline

  • Introduction to AutoCAD

  • Advanced Editing

  • Basic Drawing tools

  • Blocks

  • Drawing Precision

  • Setting up a layout

  • Making Changes

  • Printing

  • Drawing Organization

  • Adding Text

  • Advanced object Types

  • Hatching

  • Getting Information

architecture 1

Left : Mahalakshmi Palace, Faridabad, India.
Right : Competition for school in Ciney, Belgium.

architecture 2 Project : Commercial Building, Belgium ( Photoshop Rendering)
architecture 3 Project : Interior Render of winning entry of a housing competition (UOW)
architecture 4

Project : School at Nurpoor Bedi, Punjab, India
Architectural Office : Arch.Lab Architecture, Chandigarh
Project Team : Harsimran Singh Suri, Mohit Vij, Harpreet Singh Saggu

architecture 5

Left : Commercial Building In Belgium.
Right : Residence at village kansal, chandigarh, India

architecture 6

Project : Nit Campus, Kurukshetra, Harayana, India
Architectural Office : College Consultancy cell, Chandigarh
Project Team : Vinay Suri, Gurinder Singh, Harpreet Singh

  • live projects
  • Assignments
    Students will be given assignments after completion of each topic. Assignment helps one to think professionally, to gather data and to draw conclusions from the data gathered. Students are advised to be regular in the class and complete their assignments on time.
  • team projects
    For each individual course, students would be provided with sample projects. After reviewing the performance on the given projects, the best selected candidates will get a chance to work on live projects.
  • class participation
    'Participation' is the most important element to grow and learn more. Students should keep their minds active in each lecture to get the best of knowledge and if they come up with any queries, they can send a mail for the same. Keep clearing your doubts as and when it comes!