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Pay Per Click (PPC) and Google Adwords are the latest tools of target based Online Marketing smartly utilized by most business entities these days. Pay per click assures advertising with minimum cost to the client as advertisers are charged only when their advertisement is clicked on. The placement and management of such advertisement is imperative to increase visibility and gain customers. Similarly, through Google Adwords companies place advertisements on Google which are displayed when a certain related keyword is used by a surfer. It provides buying opportunities to consumers during general surfing according to their preferences and therefore is a win-win situation for both the sellers as well as the buyers. We train students on varied aspects of these two tools ranging from finding specific long tail keywords for cost minimization to overhauling any existing PPC campaign to managing Adwords account so as to reap the maximum benefits.

Course Objectives

  • Finding specific long tail keywords for cost minimization

  • Overhauling any existing PPC campaign

  • Effectively managing Adwords account to wring the maximum benefit with minimum investment.

  • Understanding the distribution and placement strategies

  • Appraising the value of creative content

  • Facilitating, tracking and auditing conversions


Course Outline

  • AdWords account management

  • Google click to call

  • AdWords distribution

  • Adwords express

  • Placement targeted advertisement

  • IP address exclusion

  • Keyword research and selection

  • Creative and compelling content creation

  • Facilitate site level conversion

  • Tracking conversion and auditing

  • Optimization and testing

  • Preparing the SEO ranking report

  • Google AdWords, Minkme, Bing and Facebook advertising

  • PPC management and remarketing

  • live projects
  • Assignments
    Students will be given assignments after completion of each topic. Assignment helps one to think professionally, to gather data and to draw conclusions from the data gathered. Students are advised to be regular in the class and complete their assignments on time.
  • team projects
    For each individual course, students would be provided with sample projects. After reviewing the performance on the given projects, the best selected candidates will get a chance to work on live projects.
  • class participation
    'Participation' is the most important element to grow and learn more. Students should keep their minds active in each lecture to get the best of knowledge and if they come up with any queries, they can send a mail for the same. Keep clearing your doubts as and when it comes!

online resources

  • developer.apple.com