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SEO training in Chandigarh

iMesh Lab offers training and brief knowledge about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), web ranking, content writing, special site maps and syndicating content.

Animation training in Chandigarh

iMesh Lab offers job oriented animation courses for students and professionals.

Personality Development Courses

iMesh Lab provides personality development courses to maximize chances of getting your dream job and adding spark to your employee skills.

Web designing courses

iMesh Lab Chandigarh will take you to the advance level of professionalism in Photoshop and teach you how to optimize images for web with briefing of tools to adjust and edit images.

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Open Bazzer (Classified Site)

This e-commerce project is build to sell and purchase online products.

Online Reservation

This project is meant for online travel reservations of bus, train and air tickets.

Easystore (Online Purchase)

Easystore is a project meant for online shopping.

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Core Java - J2SE

Media Player

Media Player is the project where we play music of any extension for example MP3, Au, Wav etc. The front end of the project is Applet (IN Java).


This project converts music, images and videos of one extension to another to make it user friendly. Front End – Swings (in Java) and File Handling.

Car Race

Project deals with the game of racing cars. Front End – Applet (in Java) and Multi-Threading.


This project fulfills all the requirements to maintain the records of stock, purchase, sold etc. Front End - Swing (In java), Back End - Mysql database.


This project is fulfil all the requirements of Store maintain the records of stock purchase , sold etc.
Front End - : Swing (In java)
Back End -: Mysql Database.

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Android Sample Projects


This app is a fitness guide for the sports fans. It offers a huge amount of information and health tips to fulfill your fitness cravings. It features different type of exercises for training at home or gym.

Quotes of the day

We bring you an inspirational quote every day of the week and let you search through our archives for great quotes we’ve already featured.


Have fun, surprise your friend and scare them with different sounds and images.

i wedding planner

Our i Wedding is a simple app to help you plan the perfect wedding. Manage your guest list, to-do list, budget and vendors all in one place.

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E-mail System

In this project we can send mails, receiving emails, stores online data, save emails, save delete e-mails and edit the text via text editor.

Blogger (.Net,C#,Asp.net,Java)

By this project we can group the developers who share their knowledge, tips and queries by posting them in a blog.


This project is for professional photographers who can show our work online.

Online airline reservation

As the title suggests this project is for the online reservation of airline tickets.

Online shopping

This project is meant for online shopping and saving our product which you like but want to purchase later.

Helpline System

In this projects we describe all the emergency area numbers like (Police, toll free, hospitals, banks) state wise.

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Human Resource Management

Performance appraisal

Learn how to correctly assess employee’s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-established criteria and organizational objectives.

Training and development

Get specialized in providing training and services including career counseling, skill assessment, and supportive services.

Grievance redressal

Learn how to identify the various forms of grievances affecting employees as well as find ways to resolve those grievances.

Recruitment and selection

Become skilled at attracting the best candidates for the job vacancies and selecting the right person for a particular job.

Employee motivation

Discover and learn various ways and methods of motivating and raising the morale of employees.

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