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Windows App Development

Windows App Development(8 Weeks/6 Months Max)

Android- a fastest growing operation system of smart phone devices has been popular with its each updated. Being versatile, user friendly and flexible, android is a favorite. We at iMesh Lab offer professional android app development training. Our professional trainers of android app developers perform deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations.

Course Objectives

  • Developing elegant hybrid mobile application using windows app

  • Object orianted approach to designing

  • Understanding and integrating the latest trend in web designing and development (HTML5 App)

  • Acknowledging trhe client requirement and blending it suitably with the platform requirement.

  • Can develop the Universal app (Windows Phone store app and Windows Store app ) .

  • Can develop the blend animations

  • Use the MVVM pattern to organize code


Course Outline

Windows Phone 8 overview

  • what is Windows Phone 8
  • Why develop for WP8
  • Architecture
  • Application models
  • Security
  • Registering and unlocking
  • Creating a project
  • Windows Phone IDE
  • Store
  • Development fundamentals
  • what about WP7

User Experience – 2

  • Data binding
  • Two-way binding
  • UI notifications
  • Binding to collections
  • Data templates
  • Visual states
  • States in a control

Navigation and lifecycle

  • Navigation
  • Passing parameters
  • Back stack
  • App lifecycle
  • Page state
  • Demo of an App
  • App state

Files and Data

  • Permanent storage
  • Settings API
  • Working with settings
  • File API
  • Reading and writing
  • Text IO
  • Local database
  • Defining the DB
  • Querying
  • Insert and delete
  • Associations
  • Http data
  • Web Client and Http Client

Phone Integration

  • Live tiles
  • Default tile
  • Tile notification
  • Secondary tile
  • Launchers and choosers
  • Lock screen
  • Lock screen notify
  • Background work
  • Background agent
  • Page state
  • Demo of an App
  • live projects
  • Assignments
    Students will be given assignments after completion of each topic. Assignment helps one to think professionally, to gather data and to draw conclusions from the data gathered. Students are advised to be regular in the class and complete their assignments on time.
  • team projects
    For each individual course, students would be provided with sample projects. After reviewing the performance on the given projects, the best selected candidates will get a chance to work on live projects.
  • class participation
    'Participation' is the most important element to grow and learn more. Students should keep their minds active in each lecture to get the best of knowledge and if they come up with any queries, they can send a mail for the same. Keep clearing your doubts as and when it comes!

online resources

  • www.code.msdn.microsoft.com
  • www.lynda.com
  • www.f5debug.net
  • www.geekchamp.com